About Biskopsudens Marina

Biskopsuddens Marina is located where the lush green Djurgården meets the Stockholm outlet. The marina has a solid history that leads back to the early 1900s when the Royal Swedish Yacht Club had its port here on Biskopsudden. It was the embryo of the solid Yacht Center makes Biskopsudden to the live venue it is today.

Here you can find everything from creative yacht designers, skilled yacht broker, a dedicated service team to satisfied boaters, curious boat speculators and dreamy strollers …

At Biskopsuddens Marina we strive every year to organize popular events such as the floating boat shows and other happenings for you to be close to the water and the boats.

Biskopsudden is the obvious place for those looking for the best boating
You are always welcome to be a part of our venue ...

Here you can read more of the marina 's solid history

Biskopsuddens Marina History